The Team

Charlotte – Director

Occupational Therapy, Karate Therapy, Telehealth

Charlotte is a highly specialist childrens occupational therapist who graduated from Cardiff University in 2013. Charlotte later moved to a special school for children with speech language and communication difficulties. Within this role she started sensory integration training with the Sensory Integration Network. Charlotte has a postgraduate certificate in sensory integration by completing modules 2/3 (May 2017).

Charlotte is now a clinical team leader for an NHS service and part time runs OT Play providing therapy groups for a variety of young people with special educational needs. Charlotte has over 20 years experience in martial arts and has been developing karate as a treatment method for the last 5 years, having recently been creditted for all this work by being awarded her 3rd Dan in Karate (Dec 2019).

Additional skills include, BSL level 1 communicator and certified cosmic kids children’s yoga teacher.

Beth – Group Leader

Karate, Kung Fu & Kick Boxing

Beth graduated from Roehampton University with first class honours (QTS) in Primary School Education, specialising in physical education. Prior to undertaking her degree Beth spent 7 years in China teaching English as a foreign language and studying martial arts. For four of those years she studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda (kickboxing), Qi gong, Qin-na and Tai Chi, full time, receiving certification of Master, level 5 (equivalent to black belt one Dan). During her time there, she participated in international competitions, receiving 6 gold medals and 3 silver.

Beth currently works as a year 5 primary school teacher in Mitcham and part-time at OT Play. During her time teaching in China and the UK she has taught a range of ages, facing a range of challenges and special educational needs. Beth is a certified Mental health first aider and understands that many children with adverse childhood experiences or a SEN are at higher risk of developing a mental health disorder. Therefore, she is passionate about mental health and the effects physical activities and appropriate breathing techniques can have in promoting good mental health.

Murray – Group Leader


Murray is a qualified teacher, specialising in physical education. In addition Murray is a sports coach of a variety of sports including cricket. He has an exceptional talent to make activities fun and enjoyable for young persons, whilst also making it accessible on an individual learners level. He is well intuned to students needs and highly skilled in working with young people who have special educational needs.