The Team

Charlotte – Director & Founder

Charlotte graduated from Cardiff University in 2013 with a certificate of excellence in OT placement. She went on to volunteer at Hopscotch Children’s Therapy Centre in Harley Street with Dimitrios Mylonadis at which stage she obtained a distance learning certificate with the integrated listening system.

Charlotte later moved to a special school for children with speech language and communication difficulties. Within this role she started sensory integration training with the Sensory Integration Network. Charlotte has a postgraduate certificate in sensory integration by completing modules 2/3 (May 2017).

Charlotte is now a clinical team leader for an NHS service and part time runs OT Play providing therapy groups for a variety of young people with special educational needs.

Charlotte has over 20 years experience in martial arts and has been developing karate as a treatment method for the last 3 years.

In March 2019 Charlotte became a certified cosmic kids children’s yoga teacher.


Beth – Group Leader

Karate, Kung Fu & Kick Boxing

Beth graduated from Roehampton University with first class honours (QTS) in Primary School Education, specialising in physical education. Prior to undertaking her degree Beth spent 7 years in China teaching English as a foreign language and studying martial arts. For four of those years she studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda (kickboxing), Qi gong, Qin-na and Tai Chi, full time, receiving certification of Master, level 5 (equivalent to black belt one Dan). During her time there, she participated in international competitions, receiving 6 gold medals and 3 silver.

Beth currently works as a year 5 primary school teacher in Mitcham and part-time at OT Play. During her time teaching in China and the UK she has taught a range of ages, facing a range of challenges and special educational needs. Beth is a certified Mental health first aider and understands that many children with adverse childhood experiences or a SEN are at higher risk of developing a mental health disorder. Therefore, she is passionate about mental health and the effects physical activities and appropriate breathing techniques can have in promoting good mental health.