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SEN Talk “Understanding ADHD in Children” 2017

SEN Talk ADHD Conference review “Parents are superhero’s”

I recently had the honour of presenting at the SEN Talk ‘Understanding ADHD in children’ Conference. The conference brought together parents, educators, relatives and professionals to discuss all the difficulties children with ADHD have and celebrated all of the things that make them so special!

The conference was opened by Alastair Yates the chair / lead of ADHD Richmond. This voluntary organisation have infinite resources available for children in Richmond and Kingston borough, Alastair shared a very moving and honest story of his personal journey through ADHD with his son. It was very insightful hearing from a parent’s perspective!

The next speaker Mark spoke about the education advocacy and legalities around ADHD and school exclusions. Interesting, the programme “Excluded” aired on channel 4 the same week at the conference took place. Catch up here –

Ellie a very experienced educator expert starting as a SENCO and now a headmaster was very informative and discussed the educational implications for children with ADHD in the mainstream setting.

I then took the final place (it was a tough line to follow) and had an interactive talk about some of the sensory processing difficulties and anxiety that children with ADHD face as comorbidity’s of the condition.

The conference was planned, organised an executed by Annaliese Boucher. Anna is a real life super hero! What she did was bring together a group of people, to think, to plan, to discuss and to share and this has had and will continue to have a huge impact for children with ADHD in the local boroughs!

On top of this, Anna has her own son, runs the charity and has a part time job. Anna, you inspire me, I am so impressed with what you have created, in just one year you have made such a big difference to over 55 families. Read the super hero story here –

Please take a look at the SEN Talk events coming soon!

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